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Ashutosh gautam

IT professional, Electronics and Communications Engineer

I am a self programmed organism capable of accomplishing any dream I put my mind upon. 

Know Me

A human being with a passion for programming and computing, a software engineer with experience in web application development, digital marketing and a conversion optimization. I believe in solving technical problems in a human centered way.

My Interests

Adventure sports, Trekking, Programming, Singing(especially when drunk), Meditation, Internet of Things, Humanitarian projects, Creative pursuits, Travelling, Football, Basketball, public speaking and talks about betterment.

NameAshutosh Gautam

Age n+1;

Citizenship Nepalese

Job Software Engineer

Address Tampere, Finland

Phone (+358) 413689690



Favourite Quote

Never blame anyone in your Life, good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, worst people give you a lesson & best people give you memories.



Services that I provide

Design and Development

Proficient in Front end development tools and JavaScript frameworks including software development in anglar and react. Graphics designing skills in photoshop and illustrator

Digital Marketing

Create Data driven digital marketing campaigns for internet retailers including service installations and bug fixing in various e-commerce platforms.


Rapid experimentation, product design and development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

Data Analytics

Create business intelligence and reporting tools to gain insights on consumer data and user behaviour

Web/Mobile Optimization

Optimise user experience on client’s web/mobile platform through A/B testing and Multivariate testing

Embedded Systems

Electronics circuit design, etching and fabrication. MATLAB/SCILAB modelling and simulation of various open source projects and platforms

Programming languages that I work with







PHP / NodeJs




Python / JAVA


Numbers that Define me


Ideal State - Always turned on


Void - Realization mode


Quantum State - Can either be 1 or 0

Languages that I speak











  • Sr. Software Engineer @ LivingSkills Oy

    Jan 2018 - Present

    LivingSkills, is a web based application used primarily in the healthcare sector in Finland, established by industry experts in cooperation with various municipalities and cities. I started working as a solo full stack developer during the first few months as I am responsible for front-end as well as back-end development works for the overall system. I add and integrate new features, design and deploy new services necessary for the application.

    I have been able to learn as well as apply my skills acquired during my master's studies and knowledge of user experience and web development works. Planning to conduct my research studies in effectiveness of empathy design in healthcare sector ( in conjunction with mobile friendly web applications).

  • Managing Partner @ Gautama, The sustainability Lab

    June 2017 - Present

    An open source research promoting eco-friendly living in harmony with technology. I designed and built this collaborative research platform out of bamboo and recycled remains of the earthquake of April, 2015 at my ancestral land in Nepal. My plan is to transform it to a state of the art learning platform where people around the world can share their ideas and visions to transform Nepal through sustainable use of natural resources and technology. Currently, we hold regular community meetings and conduct training and seminar for sustainability as well as on mental health issues.

  • Country Director @ DisasterHack, Nepal [Volunteer]

    February 2017 - June 2017

    Establish the company’s technical vision and leads all aspects of the company’s development including the free code camp programme and digital literacy campaign. Manage limbpact programme - provide free of cost 3D printed prosthetics to the people with disability. Provide technical trainings and conducts research and development on leading open source hardware and software platform.

  • Software Engineer @ GrowByData, Nepal

    July 2014 - January 2017

    Communicate with overseas client on a daily basis for feature enhancements and deployments of various tests on their web and mobile platforms to boost their conversion rate. Create reporting tools and prepare business intelligence reports to gain insights on consumer data and behavior.

  • On the job trainee @ SUBISU Cablenet (P.) Ltd

    April-May 2013

    Troubleshoot network monitoring system and configure wireless devices (Radios, AP, and client router). Optical fibre installation and maintenance. Establish and monitor wireless AP and PTP links. Respond to client calls and solve network related issues.

  • Governor of Asia, Foreign Student’s Association @ Saint Louis University, Philippines

    Mai 2013 - January 2015

    Conducting weekly meetings and discussions regarding study skills and adaption to Filipino culture and values.  Organizing different programs related to art, literature, science and music. Bring the people of Asia under one organization as a fraternity.

  • Public Relations Officer @ Red Cross Society, Saint Louis University Chapter


    Planning and organizing blood donation campaign. Conducting donation drives during time of natural disaster. Volunteer in relief operations and provide safety facilities for typhoon affected people.


  • Tampere University of Technology, Finland

    Masters of Science in Information Technology, major in User Experience - (2017-present)

    As part of masters studies, I have been acquainted with various state of the art technology and services provided by the university. I have designed prototypes for multitudes of services from elevator design in FPGA, to create a new dashboard for the self driving car, as well create mobile application with AR integration to be used in the public transport system. Apart from studying User Experience, I have worked as a project manager for Demola project and currently volunteering as a vice-chairman for IAESTE, which facilitates technical internship exchanges among 80+ countries around the world.

  • Saint Louis University, Philippines

    Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering - 80.016%

    Awarded for invaluable contribution in the field of research at the ECE research paper presentation for leading final year thesis entitled “Low Cost voice activated Multi-functional remote control system” which was presented at the Saint Louis University Research & Inventions week.

  • AMA computer College, Philippines

    Information Technology - 88.89%
  • White House college, Nepal

    Higher Secondary Education Board +2 - 66.8%
  • Little Angels' School, Nepal

    School Leaving Certificate - 83.50%



Client's that I have worked with during employment at GrowByData

  • skygeek
  • overstockart
  • cyberweld
  • batteryjunction
  • prolighting
  • uniquevintage
  • morebeer
  • gojane
  • stringsandbeyond
  • knifeart

Saint Louis University

Projects Undertaken for Bachelors of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering course requirements

  • skygeek
  • overstockart
  • cyberweld
  • batteryjunction
  • prolighting
  • uniquevintage
  • morebeer
  • gojane
  • stringsandbeyond
  • knifeart

AMA Computer College

Projects undertaken for Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

  • skygeek
  • overstockart
  • cyberweld
  • batteryjunction
  • prolighting
  • uniquevintage
  • morebeer
  • gojane
  • stringsandbeyond
  • knifeart

Hobby projects and Skills

Freelancing and hobby projects accomplished

  • skygeek
  • overstockart
  • cyberweld
  • batteryjunction
  • prolighting
  • uniquevintage
  • morebeer
  • gojane
  • stringsandbeyond
  • knifeart


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(+358) 413689***

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Tampere, Finland

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