End of an Era

I resigned from my job the other day. The only thing that I remember doing are the things I have been told to do. Went to school when I was 3 years old, went to college, got a degree and title before my name, a career in the lucrative IT industry. That’s the education system, it will help you land a job and make a career out of life.

I could have easily spend a lifetime but is that all? I have better plans now and i am not gonna give up on my dreams just that easily.

I am not gonna spend time chasing money and brag about being a successful person showing off expensive shit that I can afford. I need to start working on building a life rather than a career.

I need to write down my plans before i forget it.

My top notch priority is to build a eco-friendly sustainable house before i leave for my master’s studies.

I even got a 3D printer and raspberry pi and arduino to automate it and turn it into a smart home which can grow it’s own food with minimum human intervention.

The house I plan to build will be home for volunteers around the world who wish to contribute towards technological and scientific development of Nepal.

I also plan to help my father to maintain his veterinary clinic, Kathmandu Veterinary Clinic which is the oldest clinic operating in Nepal. The problem is, he has been running it the same way for more than 30 years now and there are a lot room for improvements.

I will be posting soon. Stay tuned.

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