How it started

One fine morning, i woke up and found out that my dad had hired a contractor to refurbish my home which was destroyed by the earthquake. I woke up and told my mom immediately that, “I will resign my job and build a house”. Consulted with my dad and told him the same thing.

I had heard stories about the house since I was born, how every one of my family members worked day and night to build the house in a day!!! I told every one of them that I will have six months to build the house and I will be leaving on August.

As I said, I resigned from my job and started applying for scholarships in Europe. My sister had recently got married so I was the next in line, if I had stayed longer doing the same job, my wedding would be sooner than later.

My plan when I first quit my job

  1. Apply for scholarship / conduct research on the house
  2. Build the 3D printer
  3. Take some online courses to cope up and be updated with my tech skills
  4. Help my dad to set up a pet shop and expand the clinic
  5. Build the house


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