HuMAnity – Blog posts for Human Centered Product Development

So, this page is all going to be about human centered product development course  in Tampere University of Technology (2018, January – May). Our team is called HuMAnity, as we are composed of Hakki, Matias and Ashutosh.


On 19th of January, we had our first exercise workshop as well as the team formation. After going through the slides about the pre-task assignment we had (regarding team and group formation etc, we were able to run around TUT in x-factor style) we had a map and we had to get to know our team all along. We discussed about what we were doing, our majors etc. Then we had a lunch.

All of the tasks will be nested inside this post, as we are going to put this page as the parent template. See you in the blog post 😉 And guys, my hosting space is limited (I’ve already used 80MB disk space out of 100MB) so i recommend uploading the photos to image sharing site, or google photos and link the photos here 😀 IF WE CONSUME MORE THAN THE MONTHLY  BANDWIDTH, WE WON’T HAVE ONLINE ACCESS till next month 😀