my next dawg

I am very close to dogs, they feel like little brother and sister to me, maybe cause I grew up as being the youngest in the family and dogs were the only being who listened to me.
So far, we have had atleast 15/20 dogs in our family till I was 18, sometimes 4 at once. I even learned basic English through my dogs, cause we had dog named “pepper”, she was a english springer spaniel previously owned by australian family, they had to leave nepal so they asked my dad, a veterinary surgeon to adopt her. I was around 3 years old when I first started to learn commands like, “come, go, here, hand, get inside etc.” So that’s how i learned the basic phrases in English before i even knew about alphabets.
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(No wonder people have trouble understanding me.)

Dog’s life is chill, wander around, make friends in the park or fight and go back home to eat meal, bark and party all night until they ask you to stop, be alert and enjoy the human companion. My favorite of all, they can pee outdoors wherever and whenever they want.)

This post is for my friends, closest, nearest and dearest one, you have a chance to be bros or sis, as I will be naming a dog after you when I get one. These names cannot be repeated cause they had already been taken:
alex?, this was for my neighbour
etc.. i can’t remember others but they were a good companion.

There is no dog in my house so when I go back to Nepal, I’ll definitely have one and will name it after one of my special friend’s honor. Will it be you? 🙂

Disclaimer! your opinion can also remain inside your head, but if you think it matters then comment your thought below. 

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