End of Masters, end of lunch

I finally submitted my master’s thesis and I needed to put things into perspective, so I decided to write some stuffs to remember.

It was exciting to be part of the research process and dive deep into it. Now, i have more clarity regarding the things that I had done and I was able to accomplish this past year. Well, certainly my masters education did not go as planned, it went better than that. I was able to accomplish more in such a short time and now i am amazed by myself.

I completed my work on June and stopped doing everything on the month of July to re-start my thesis. Well, I had no idea about what to write till then, the things I had written had to be revised maybe 20 times cause the more I learn, more i realized that I didn’t know about it. I think phD is going to be the same but I have no intention to do it right away. I am not planning to waste my precious youth inside the four walls of the university for the next four years. There are more things I can accomplish by being outside than sit down and do some research.

So far, my plans for masters while i was in Nepal was, to do more of the electronics and automation stuffs, but then, the courses that I was taking was not really associated with the stuffs that I wanted to do at “The sustainability Lab”. So, after  a month of taking those classes in 2017, i went to the academic coordinator to change my major, then she was not so pleased to hear that, cause I wanted to change my major after a month of enrolling into it.

But I knew that I don’t wanna be building digital circuits for Nokia or Kone here. I had no intention to look for a job in electronics or telecommunication again, that would mean i had to start over from scratch. I had to give up on the things that I had learnt while working as a software engineer. Well, since software engineer is in demand, i would rather apply for courses which enhances my learning from the industry so i switched my major from pervasive systems to user experience.

And after two years, now i am done with my masters. Most of the time had been

(My grammar and my mind is in whack state now, so i cannot really comprehend with what I wanna say. Anyways, just another day. But hey,  i am soon going on vacation.)



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