The long way back home (COVID 19 journey)

This is the third time I am under lockdown and in-quarantine at home. So, i arrived home yesterday, in afternoon (Disclaimer! i did my PCR test 3 days prior coming to Nepal at Finland). I am thankful to everyone who wished me safe travels. I left my apartment in Tampere around midnight (June 29, Monday) then went to Helsinki, and then to Stockholm on a flight( cost me 85 euro). The flight from Stockholm to Kathmandu was arranged by president travels which cost me $1200 for freaking one way.

lalit and hikmat bro came to drop me off and mama till Helsinki

The journey from Stockholm to Doha was carried out by Qatar airways. I had 8 hour layover in Stockholm which was extended to 9 hours due to delay. With little to no sleep i arrived at Doha around midnight, where i met another of my friend and we took off from the doha airport to Kathmandu where the nightmare starts.

I had read some news article and Facebook posts where people complained about how badly they cram people unto one bus and takes you to the holding areas designated by government for each provinces which was organized very haphazardly.

foot marks at TIA for

As soon as we touch down in Ktm, everyone in the plane started clapping, it brought a sense of joy in me. I was prepared to follow instructions by the personnel at the airport. Fairly there were foot markings at the airport for safe distancing. As soon as we arrived they “”asked us for our COVID negative report”” then we had out temperature taken, I passed the immigration and then passed the security check then claimed our bag. And before exit, they asked us again for our information like, name and province at the desk which i believe is by police.

bus from TIA to yeti party palace in Basundhara

After we exit immigration there was bus from the army waiting for us outside the arrival gate and a personnel who told us which bus we belonged to according to our home address, or where we plan to go later after holding area. Before entering the bus, an army man asked for our name and where we were going again.

We took the bus which was no way meant for our luggages, but 24 of us managed to fit in and we were taken to yeti party palace (Don’t know if this one is also associated to the “yeti” group). Army men were on guard and asked us to wash our hands with soap and also wet the sole of our shoes, which was nice, the tap was foot operated, so we didn’t touch our hands. Anyways, the asked again for our report and verified if it is PCR or not, then the health personnel took our whole travel history records and family’s records which took atleast 10 minutes each. After they verified it, we were provided a sim card after they took a photo of our passport.

Army’s holding center at Yeti party palace

Then we entered the party palace and we were provided with a litre of mineral water. After a while, they said that if we are going for home quarantine and if our guardian are here, then we can go and fill another form (probably a release form). Our personal details along with the details of the person who came to pick us up and the vehicle number was noted down. They verified the PCR report again and took our photos along with our guardian and finally released us.

I picked up my luggage then transferred it myself and headed home to isolate myself in this room where i am writing from :).

The only complain i have is, why do i need to give my personal details at 6 different check points. which could have easily be digitized and could have been unified database with access to army, immigration and health care worker. We were given a form to fill while applying to coming to nepal as well, what’s the point of filling so many forms? And there was another form given to us at the airplane from the qatar airways.
I commend the work and all the precautions that was taken to finally bring people home, but this could save a lot of time if there was a unified database where the details could just be verified.
Anyways, it’s just my opinion and i was impressed with the way they have handled the incoming process, but it could easily save a lot of time for all.

Bonus!!! Me with Paaila tech robot, which was just dumb and deaf as well!

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