I should have been doing something else. That’s how I always feel, not at the present moment, doing the most important thing I could be possibly doing.

I have blamed it on my habit, alcohol, higher self, intelligence, friends, lovers and countless other things. But it’s me after all, whom or what I choose to dedicate my thoughts and my time to. We are hedonistic creature who seeks pleasure and refrain from pain, distractions is the choice that cripples our thought and we are surrounded by the technology which I think is the biggest distraction of them all.

There’s an ongoing crisis of connectivity, just because we are connected and surrounded by marvels of the internet wonders. Everyone is trying to persuade you to use their product and would like you to get addicted to it. There’s no technological rehabilitation, and when I learned to design addictive technology my exact thoughts were, we’re heading towards a cult. There’s gonna be a divide whether or not to go along with what we see and believe or what others think is good for us. There’s doubt going on in every person’s  head (i just changed that from man to person cause I didn’t want to offend any feminist.)

With the information explosion and data being generated and consumed everywhere, and with the dawn of edge computing, we’ll never be able to follow our intuition. It’s going to cripple our thought and we’ll be multiplying our doubt cause nobody is going to trust anyone without relying on certain data or information. I am writing this from Finland, where the people are so saturated with information. The society they have created benefits everybody, but it also creates doubt.

I believe that the next big thing in the world is going to come from the third world country, EU policy makers are really good and sees these challenges our data being over utilized, so they have proceeded with GDPR regulations so they can see why and what (purpose) for the company is using the data. But, I fear that it’s just going to be a page in the company’s website and daichang (layman) would not be able to understand why is he being asked to fill in all of the identifiable personal information.

If I have to think about the society back in Nepal, where people don’t use a lot of technology, they are relatively happy with the way of life, it is only after we become aware of the services, we want to use it, cause people wanted to be free, doesn’t mean they will be served for free.

Distractions, the fact that you could be doing something else instead of this. I should be working on my project instead of educating the world with my point of view.

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