Tech industry and how it is not what it seems like.

Well, how hard could it be to build the next whatsapp or instagram or even flappy bird? I thought I would be writing the code within a month and would be releasing countless apps and one of them might turn out to be my money making machine. That’s why I started coding once again 4 years back.

And till now, I haven’t published any, it’s not as easy as I had thought, or when I went and started working in an office, it killed my ambition. I was surrounded by brilliant men who were certainly experienced than me in coding and building apps, they were working for almost 10-15 years, and I was thinking, why the hell are they still here? After listening and learning from them, I realised that it’s easily said than done. Man, people don’t know how softwares are made, they are only focused on features and services they see in front of them and it doesn’t feel so complicated, but what goes inside and how many people work to build that thing blew my mind.

There’s no instant success, there’s continuous struggle in order to build something great and there’s always something more that you need to do, to cope up with changing behavior and trends.

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