Growing up or old

Act like your age, said my friend and then he made me realize that I am 25+n year old. My friends are of the same age, but they have definitely started aging faster than I have, probably the circumstance and the situations in life make you act in a certain way for a prolonged time and you just accept that and integrate as a part of you.

For me, I have no idea about how old I am, or how I look like, it’s people who treat you differently which makes you realize that you are expected to behave in a different way.

I have acted very rigid, strict, dogmatic, hardworking and everything else. But I don’t like to stay the same all the time, every time I think that this is what is expected of me, then it’s time for me to change. the way I see the world and adapt to the environment which makes me feel comfortable.

I think everybody does that (adapt to their environment), it’s just that they have never thought about it. my friends were complaining that I still drink like I’m an 18-year-old guy, they should see my brother who still manages to drink more than me. while he is 10 years older than me.

For me, i feel like i should not stop doing things that i love or things that i think is fun. so when you decide you are older and you should sober up, then you should. But do it because you feel like it, not because that’s what is expected of a 30 or a 60 year-old guy. I love those people who make fun of themselves and still enjoy life and poke unusual joke once in a while, but for those people who are rigid and strict about everything, they need to realize that they should not carry the burden of their persona and self image everyplace they go, just feel like you are in a world where you can sense everything about other through your senses but not yourself.

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