The road less travelled

Research lab being built in Nepal
I’m building a “house”, that’s what I had told everybody when I decided it was time for me to quit the job and to start on my own. I know how hard it was for me to land a job (with no powerful people behind my back and no idea about the industries in Nepal). I applied to all of the jobs that were listed on the job hunting site(s) of Nepal. A few called for interview after a month and for most of the company, I used to show up at their doorstep and tell the guards that I have been called by HR, and just show up in their table discussing if there’s any vacancy for a guy like me. After 7/8 rounds of interview, I was equally frustrated to find out that the salary is a free internship or Rs. 8000 (that’s less than $100 per month, you will be offered salary, if you’re well connected with the boss or powerful people of the state).

It took me 2.5 years for me to decide that I have had enough experience and it was time for me to take risk, I won’t have my freedom or enthusiasm if I plan to start later in life as the responsibilities and age will take its toll.

I remember how tough engineering was, and the projects and research work I had to accomplish for every subject felt like it’s gonna take eternity for me to be able to get it all. But somehow I managed to graduate on time and with research work that was awarded as one of the best among the graduating students. But all of the hard work disappears once you step out of the college, trying to find a place for your dreams and visions.

You would have wasted enough time to revise and edit your CV trying to sound much convincing as possible without being so desperate. All of the knowledge and your interests will slowly start fading away while you’re busy trying to make as much profit for your employer.

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