The interview

So I sat down in an interview in the embassy of __. I know I had completed all of my required documents and also went to the embassy when they called me, they asked me to present a relationship certificate and I hurriedly made a relationship certificate a day before my interview and went to the embassy.


My bike broke down early in the morning when I was on my way to my dad’s clinic to print out my research paper and my CV. I took my bike to the service center then I walked to the clinic, printed the documents,  came home, ate my meal and head out to the embassy 15 mins earlier.


So, it was good until I entered the room, where I was greeted by a lady who seem very unpleasant to see me. I put my bag on the table to take my documents out then she asked me to put down my bag on the floor and I handed the documents the officer had told me to bring a day earlier.

So, Ashutosh Gautam. Where is XXX?

Me: northern europe, beside this country and part of scandinavia.

Why? It’s cool and I’ve heard a lot about the innovation and adaption to technology.

What are you gonna do after studies?

I’ll work as a software engineer, I am currently a software engineer actually. I used to work on the big data firm.

Have you ever been to other countries? or refused entry?

No, (then she checked my passport) I told her i studies in the philippines since 2009-2014.

I graduated electronics and communication engineering.


She: What college are you going?

I said, TUT.

Where is it?

North of the capital,

She: Capital is in the southern most part, every city is north of it. Where exactly is it?

It’s in the middle i guess, beside the city of N___. I heard it’s a beautiful city, surrounded by lakes.

Where is the city?

Pirkanaama, or some place i’m sorry if i didn’t pronounce properly.


why that college?

it’s the best in XXX. their research program is excellent

She: where do you guys get these info, everyone says their college is the best, do you want me to believe every one of them.

me: I did some research on the internet, I know about their industrial partners and research papers of their graduate students. They have collaborated with CERN and particle accelerator.

So your dad gave you 8lakh? how long does it take him to earn?

me: Maybe a year.

Maybe or sure?

me: i guess so.

(Went through my employment certificates and dad’s balance certificate)

So, your dad gave you 8lac and next day he received 8 lacs, where did he get his money.

Me: Maybe for some purchases from the clinic.

How many account does he have?

1, and one for provident fund i guess. I have included papers for it as well

Are you sure? (going thru my dad’s statement)? you said he is retired but where did he spend this 4 lacs on April and received 5 lacs the next day? How about the 51,000 and the 40,000 on MArch.

I don’t know, I don’t discuss about finances with my dad. It’s his money, he makes purchases for his vet clinic like surgical equipments and medicines.

is he taking loans?

Not that I know of

Where does his money come from, where are the papers for the clinic?

It’s included there, she went thru the paper from the clinic, where my dad had typed the sponsorship letter, and says, where is the evidence that the clinic exists? how can I be sure? if it has been in operation for 3 decades i am sure, it must have audit report or so.

Is the clinic owned by your dad or he has a partner?

I don’t know, it was first on Doctor someone else’s name, i think the ownership has been transferred to him. or maybe his partner as well. Dr. Narayan Prasad Ghimire


Where is the paper for your dad’s employment contract or the payslip?

He retired two years ago.

Do you know the name of the office?

He was transferred to quarantine office 6 months ago, but before that he used to work at CBPL(central biological production laboratory) as the chief.

He also has rental income from the KVC building.

I just got the contract from mdev solutions like 3 days ago, it’s 4 room floor. and below that my brother in law is operating his dental clinic, genuine smile dental clinic. Dad’s clinic is situated on the ground floor

Where is it?

It’s in maharajgunj, beside narayan gopal chowk, my dad owns the building.

So you have no other source of income, like agricultural or land lease etc?



She wrote down all of the info and told me that i need to sign the paper and she is going to send the info to the finnish immigration service. And it includes all of the rental lease agreement, clinic’s paper as well as audit report. bank statement from 12 months. employment contract and payslip.

I need to get all of those papers within 10 days and upload them to the attachment section.

Thank you for listening. it was so frustrating.

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